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Let the Transition Man help you accomplish THE MISSION of your next event!

If you're ready for:

  • Higher Attendance
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  • Satisfied Attendees
  • A speaker who will make his program relevant to your agenda

Then it's time to take a look — and book — Johnny Campbell, The Transition Man!



Sandra Sobczak CERP


Transition Man, Johnny Campbell


The Transition Man is a fantastic addition to any event. Click the photo for complete video testimonial.

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8 Reasons Meeting Planners Hire "The Transition Man":
  • He customizes his presentations. Client after client appreciates the way the material is customized specifically to their industry, situation, corporate goals, or audience.
  • He can rivet an audience. He keeps audiences captivated and engaged by using memorable stories, dramatic examples, and visual illustrations.
  • You can use him in a variety of situations: Keynote presentations, seminars with interactivity, discussion facilitator, panel participant, and Performance Consultant. The Transition Man fits all these roles comfortably and ably.
  • He's easy to work with, flexible, organized, prepared, making your job easier.
  • He will "bring the "how to's" on the Topic of Change and Motivation to your association members or corporate decision-makers and employees.
  • His talks are Not based on theory, but actual application. He will leave the audience with tools that will help them breakthrough the mental barriers created by Change so that they may achieve the personal & financial success they desire.
  • Your audience can talk with him. His in-depth knowledge and ability to think on his feet makes him a perfect presenter for high-level audiences, as well as extended question and answer sessions. This is a guy who knows his subject and will give your audience the benefit of that knowledge.
  • He is always conditioning himself for success. Every year "The Transition Man" works with some of the best coaches in the country to enhance his platform presence and content so that he can add increasing value to his audience's experience.
Even Superman needs mentors!

Is The Transition Man the Right Speaker for You? What are your expectations? If the following points are on your expectations list, then The Transition Man is right for you:

  • A thought-provoking and mind-changing presentation to alert your audience to how they can mentally condition themselves for success.
  • Blends anecdotal, entertaining illustrations along with high levels of useful information.
  • A presenter who typically is used to open a meeting.
  • Presentations that are tailored specifically to your own industry, field, organization and current situation.
  • A good choice for a conference, trade association meeting or any situation where there is a broad cross-section of companies or individuals represented.
  • A presenter who can deliver a keynote presentation and also give high value in a breakout session to emphasize how-to skills and interact with the group.
  • A presenter who is asked to open a conference, attend and sum up the meeting and deliver an action-oriented closing address.
  • Walk on stage cheerfully and open my speech with energy and purpose.
  • Never use off-color language or material.
  • Interact constantly with the audience and involve them through questions, a show of hands, eye contact and exercises as appropriate.
  • Present well-researched, profound information.
  • Use stories and humor liberally.
  • React maturely, good-naturedly, and with flexibility to any problems that arise. This includes: audio visuals, lights, sounds, emergencies, etc.
  • Never be rude to audience members.
  • Summarize my points and give ways to remember my key points.
  • Relate my points to your organization and people.
  • Never abuse my assignment by turning my speech into a sales pitch.
  • Only offer my books and tapes if approved or requested in advance.
  • Stick to my time frame and adjust if needed.
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