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And there’s only 1 agent to call when you need Profitable, Productive and Easy ways to deal with Difficult People, Change, and Business issues — and that is The 007 of Change, code name: “The Transition Man”

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Johnny Campbell

Johnny “The Transition Man” Campbell, DTM, Accredited speaker, is an author and business speaker, who specializes in helping people learn that it can be Profitable, Productive and Easy to deal with Difficult People, Change, and Business issues.

Johnny has become a rising star in the speaking industry and an audience favorite based on his entertaining and informative style of speech and content.

The Transition Man’s entertaining and educational programs on Change, Difficult people and Business issues offers organizations a formula for productivity and profitability in these changing times. 

  • Quick Facts About Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS (The Transition Man
  • Johnny holds the designation of Accredited Speaker, a designation given by Toastmasters International and is held by only 75 Professional Speakers in the World for Excellence in public speaking. Johnny was inducted into the speaker Hall of Fame in 2007.
  • First African American under the age of 40 to hold the accredited speaker designation.
  • The Youngest Person in the World to ever achieve the accredited speaker designation.
  • He is the author of 5 books in the areas of: Change, Conflict Resolution and Business sales.
  • He has appeared on television and in several motion pictures.
  • Voted Minority-Entrepreneur of the year for 2007 by the Business Ledger in Illinois.
New Book Release Coming…

Becoming the Agent of Change: Strategies for getting people to embrace change without losing your mind or your bank account.Johnny CampbellThe Transition Man will be releasing his new book called Becoming the Agent of Change: Strategies for getting people to embrace change without losing your mind or bank account.”

This book will reveal how to get people to embrace the uncertainty of change and How to Increase their Performance and Productivity in the midst of the change.

For more information, call (630) 460-3279.  Please checkout my New Website

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